About our Portland Community

Portland’s most loved and adored early learning community, The Children’s Garden, was founded in 1988. In 2018, we opened our second location called The Children’s Garden – Field Office. Field Office is a rapidly expanding area between Portland’s Frontside District and the Pearl District, full of thousands of square feet of office and retail space. This location is extremely convenient for parents who work in the city. Our new school is also the first educational facility in the Field Office development.

Our Field Office location serves infants from 6 weeks old to children through 5 years old. We also offer before and after school care as well as summer camp, making our learning center the perfect choice for families in the Portland community.

Portland, MN

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon and has rapidly grown to become one of the most populous cities in the United States. Considered one of the more progressive cities in the country, Portland is also known for being extremely environmentally conscious. Bicycling and farm-to-table dining are very popular in the city, public transportation is abundant, and there are over 10,000 acres of public parks.

There are numerous museums and attractions that both Portland residents and visitors will enjoy. The Oregon Zoo is the perfect place to bring children. This zoo houses over 1,800 animals of more than 230 species, including elephants, penguins, polar bears, and lions. Portland Children’s Museum is another great attraction for families with young children. The museum is broken down into different interactive exhibits such as Outdoor Adventure, Zany Maze, and the Pet Hospital.

Since Portland’s climate makes it the perfect environment for growing roses, the International Rose Test Garden is a unique place to visit. With over 10,000 beautiful rose bushes, this garden is the oldest rose garden in the United States. Forest Park is another popular place for nature lovers. This park is one of the largest urban forests in the country and has more than 80 miles of trails.

The Children’s Garden – Field Office

One of our main goals at The Children’s Garden – Field Office is to inspire each child to reach his or her full potential. We believe in embracing each child with unconditional love and acceptance so that their true personality will unfold. Children who feel accepted develop positive self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. Since our programs follow a developmental approach, we are able to customize our curriculum to meet our students’ needs.

We believe in nurturing every aspect of a child and helping children develop healthy habits early in life. That is why we put a lot of thought into preparing nutritious meals and snacks for our students. Food fuels the body, so it is important that our students have access to food that makes them feel good. We serve whole proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains, and shop at organic grocers as much as possible. Meals are served “family style” in order to create a strong sense of community. At mealtime, children will also learn healthy habits and manners as well as socialization skills.

Directions to and from The Children’s Garden – Field Office

Directions to The Children’s Garden – Field Office from Portland International Airport:

The Children’s Garden – Field Office is only a 25 minute drive from Portland International Airport. To leave the airport, continue straight on NE Airport Way until you see the Home Goods on your right hand side; then use the right two lanes to turn onto the Interstate 205 as you pass the Ikea. Continue heading south on I-205, passing Rocky Butte Park on your right. As you pass Gateway Green on your left, take  exit 21B to merge onto I-84 W (Banfield Expressway). Continue on the Banfield Expressway, passing Sullivan’s Gulch and Benson Polytechnic High School, then keep right to continue on US-30 W, following signs for I-5 N and passing the Oregon Convention Center. Head north on I-5 until you see Legacy Emanuel Medical Center on your right, then take exit 302B on your right for US-30W toward I-405 W/St. Helens. After crossing the Willamette River on the Fremont Bridge, take exit 3 for U.S. 30W toward St. Helens/N.W. Ind. Area. Take U.S. 30 W to Nicolai Street, make a right, and continue onto NW Sherlock Avenue followed by a quick left onto NW 21st Avenue.  A final right onto NW Front Avenue will leave you at the doorsteps of the Children’s Garden –Field Office.

Directions to Downtown Portland from The Children’s Garden – Field Office:

Downtown Portland is less than a 10 minute drive from the Children’s Garden Field Office location. To get to Downtown Portland, head southeast on NW Front Avenue and continue onto NW Naito Parkway. Continue on NW Naito Parkway, passing White Stag Sportswear and Tom McCall Waterfront Park. A final right onto Clay Street will leave you in the heart of Downtown Portland where you will be greeted by the iconic Keller Fountain park on your left hand side.

Points of Interest