Ages 12 months – 24 months

This room is filled with blocks, books, dress-up clothes, dishes and all sorts of things to encourage a child’s imagination. Our Toddlers also love to work with art materials and play in the touch tub washing babies or digging in the dirt with trucks. It may look like play, but the children are working very hard at their emotional development, using pretend play to act out their feelings and put into words their curiosity about their ever-changing emotions.

Here are some of the skills we work on in the Toddler room:

  • Patience and working on fine motor activities such as puzzles and blocks
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Colors and sorting
  • Language development through music, reading and teacher narration
  • Exploring life through dramatic play and helping others in the classroom
  • Social skills: creating and sustaining friendships through sharing and using words
  • Emphasis on building an emotional vocabulary and learning peaceful conflict resolution skills

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