3-4 Years


Ages 3 – 4 Years

Welcome to our Montessori-influenced classrooms! Montessori lessons provide one-on-one instruction to foster individualized learning. Upon initial observation, what appears to be a very free-formed class is in fact quite structured and tailored to children’s needs. Montessori provides a wide array of learning outlets for children. Some areas include: practical life, language development, mathematics, science and mechanics.

Our Preschool program provides a gentle introduction into a more traditional classroom setting. We encourage each child to explore and play while offering guidance to help develop self-control and positive social skills. Group time promotes community in the classroom while providing an environment of learning and shared culture. Self-guided play allows each child to learn responsibility and respect for materials.

An enhanced learning environment, the Preschool classroom provides opportunities for:

  • Independence
  • Building strong friendships and bonds
  • Expanding attention spans and motor skills
  • Developing verbal skills and vocabulary, emphasizing literacy
  • Learning to control impulses and behavior
  • Introduction to mindfulness techniques and emotional awareness, emphasis on peaceful conflict resolution

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